Mozhaysk Technical School (Russia)

Educational specialists from Mozhaysk flashed by their skills abroad

Since February 12 till February 20, 2018, a delegation of teachers from the Mozhaysk Technical School (Russia), by the invitation of the President of the Institute of Intercultural Relations, Patra, Milena Sinelnikova, and the public organization of Nafiktos, "Go Nafpaktia", visited the Republic of Greece.

The main purpose of the delegation's visit is to conclude an Agreement on cooperation and development of relations in the field of professional education and culture between the State Budget Professional Educational Institution of the Moscow Region "Mozhaysk Technical School" Russian Federation, Mozhaysk, and the Institute of Professional Education of the Greek Republic, Galaxidi.

The Educational specialists from Mozhaysk carried out a high-level master classes on cooking in the Institute of Vocational Education. They shared the secrets of Russian cuisine in the preparation of traditional dishes such as pancakes with caviar, pies with different fillings, meat dumplings (pelmeni) and salads. And Greek masters and students, in their turn, showed how the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine are prepared.

Finally, the director of the Institute of Professional Education, Mr. Stellios Moskhonas, gave certificates to teachers from Russia. And the director of the Mozhaysk Technical School, Vladislav Novikov, presented souvenirs in the form of pillows-matryoshkas and embroidered kitchen towels made by the hands of students.

Directors of educational institutions signed the Agreement on Cooperation.