Patra's port

March 31st 2015 at Patra’s Port hall of events, the ceremony of signing the Twinning between the ports of the city of Kaliningrad and Patras was held in grand formality

The event was attended by representatives of the Administration of Kaliningrad’s port, KSTU Dean VA Volkogon, Captain Mentor MV Nonikov, captain MP Eremchenko, the honorary consul in the city of Patras M. Tsilikidis, the Head of Patra’s port K. Platikostas, a representative of the Techonological Educational Institute of Patras, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Greece and their attendants. March 31st 2015 Negotiations were carried out before the official signing of the agreement for the Twinning, in which the potentials of collaboration between the two nations were discussed and presentations were exchanged regarding the potentials of the areas of the cities of Kaliningrad and Patras. The mutual and essential collaboration between the Universities of Patras and Kaliningrad, as well as between the Chambers of Commerce of those two cities of Russia and Greece, was also decided.

Some photos