International Painting Contest

01/09/2020 - 15/02/2021
“From History to Art: The Greek Revolution of 1821 through the mirror of Art”

The International Painting Contest for children and young adults “From History to Art: The Greek Revolution of 1821 through the mirror of Art” in the context of the celebrations for the 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Fight against the Ottoman rule.

CONCEPTION: Children and young adults meet with the turning point of Greek History and European History in general, the Greek Revolution of 1821, the 200 year anniversary of the beginning of which is celebrated in 2021 and the preparation and implementation of which, the Greeks of Russia and political and military figures of the Russian Empire took part in.

Judge Committee for the Contest: President – Giorgos Mpogdanopoulos, Painter, Iconographer (Patras, Greece). Judge Committee members: Pany Stathopoulou, Visual Artist, Philosophy Dr., Artistic School of Keratsini - Drapetsona Principal (Piraeus, Greece). Maria Baliasova, Painter, Illustration Teacher at the Russian Cultural Association ART-RADUGA (Strasbourg, France). Irina Ivanchenko Painter, Engraver, Illustrator, Member of the International Arts Fund, Moscow Association of Artists (Moscow, Russia). Ashot Ter - Abramyan Painter-Sketcher, Designer (Graphics Design, Interior Design), Engraver, Member of the Association of Artists of Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia).

Competition winners

GROUP 10 - 14 years old

First place

Antonenko Anna, Russia

Frolova Ekaterina, Russia

Second place

Veronika Kirillova, Russia

Third place

Egor Vinogradov, Russia

GROUP 15 - 18 years old

First place

Al-Delemi Ekaterina, Russia

Second place

Popova Maria, Russia

Third place

Μelina Maria Ganatsa, Greece

GROUP 19 - 23 years old

Third place

Myslitskaya Olga, Russia


Vasilenko Anatoly, Russia

Ekaterina Erbouz, France


“For best presentation of the topic”

Yurchenko Ksenia, Russia

Gleb Koval, Russia

“Poetic realization of life”

Kalantzidi Stefania, Greece

“For sensitivity and empathy”

Andromeda-Anastasia Sarikosta, Greece

“To the youngest participant”

Eduard Stich, France

Svetlana Solovyeva, Russia