"Diplomats of the Future" CHINA

26/07/2019 - 30/07/2019
CHINA, HARBIN "Diplomats of the Future"

The "Diplomats of the Future" were accompanied by professors of the "Diplomacy" course at the VDC "Ocean" (Vladivostok) such as the former Serbian Ambassador of Belarus, Prof. Srechko Djukic, the Dean of the Russian Navy and Milena Sinelnikova the president of the Institute of Intercultural Relations.

During a rich program prepared with the support of the Russian Embassy in China, the children learned the story of Harbin, which emerged as a Russian city during the construction of the Sino-Eastern Railway, with Russia's contribution to the creation of industry, scientific and technical potential of the region after the civil war in Russia. The group visited the most important sites related to Russian history: the Orthodox Church, laid flowers at the memorial to Soviet soldiers who liberated Harbin from Japanese invaders.

The young diplomats visited the Harbin museums, the local television tower, many water park attractions, traveled by cable car, got to know the peculiarities of Chinese cuisine, took walks in the parks, attended a music concert. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the province with a meeting and a thorough discussion with the Deputy Head of Cooperation and Relations with Russia. An agreement was reached to establish contacts with one of Harbin's schools, which is studying the Russian language and exchanging children's groups as part of the Diplomats of the Future educational program.

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