International program "OPTICAL CIVILIZATION"

06/04/2019 - 12/04/2019
International program "OPTICAL CIVILIZATION"

The Institute for Intercultural Relations has successfully implemented the international program "OPTICAL CULTURE", organized jointly with the International Association of Art Painters. The participants of the program were pupils and teachers of Vocational Art Schools of Russia. For the young artists, the Institute for Intercultural Relations has developed a rich program of events and excursions.

The young artists painted their master pieces on the hill of Acropolis of Athens after visiting the Acropolis Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Hadrian's Arch, near the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the historic Achaia Clauss Winery in Patras, the streets and the squares of Kalavrita, the Ancient Olympia, the Venetian castle and the harbor of the wonderful city of Nafpaktos. Painting lessons were delivered by M.V. Pugaeva - member of the Union of Russian Artists, awarded with the Russian President's Award for the Talented Children program. Her creations are on display at the Central Gallery in Moscow, as well as in many countries around the world.

The young artists and their teachers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of ancient Greece, which is the cradle of western culture, the birthplace of democracy and western philosophy, the basic principles of science and mathematics, theater. and the modern Olympic Games

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