BDDC Dance Camp


Dear friends!

The Institute of Intercultural Relations, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Contemporary Dance BDDC (BDDC SPACE), the Municipality of Nafpaktia (Greece) and the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Go Nafpaktia”, organize, for the second year, in Greece a 10 day International Dance Camp (June 26 - July 5 2018)

This year Denis Boroditsky’s workshop “IKARUS” will take place -BDDC International Dance Camp. We invite all dancers with good training in contemporary dance (professionals or amateurs), to participate in this unique seminar of contemporary dance.

All the participants of the BDDC International Dance Camp “IKARUS” will be taught the technique of the famous Russian choreographer Denis Boroditsky.

• This workshop is addressed to professional dancers, amateurs, dance teachers, choreographers and also to children from 12 years up.
• At the end of the camp, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a certificate of the level completion they belong to.

The workshop includes:
● The technique of contemporary dance
● Improvisation
● Contact improvisation
● Breathing work
● Expressing our inner world through external dance forms.
● Studying the interactions of body parts among themselves, working with our own weight.
● Development of a conscious movement, through feeling ourselves in space.
● Working on various choreography forms, which will be part of a dance show, which will summarize our fruitful and creative cooperation!

Program for children (from 12 years up)
● Classes will be aimed at improving technique, breathing and interaction between each other in the choreography.

This wonderful 10-day dance workshop will end with the presentation of an International Dance Show named "Stone Wings". It will be presented by the Dance Camp participants, Greeks and Russians, led by the famous Russian choreographer Denis Boroditsky and directed by Anastasia Sinelnikova (Russia)

This Show will be presented on July 4th 2018 at the Ancient Theater of Makinia, Nafpaktos.

Participation cost:
● For all the adult dancers 16 lessons will take place. The cost for attending all 16 lessons is 200€. Alternatively you can attend any lesson you choose with 20€ / lesson.
● For the children 8 lessons will take place. The cost for attending all 8 lessons is 100€. Alternatively you can attend any lesson you choose with 20€ / lesson.

Time Schedule:

09:00 - 11:00 Technique
11:00 - 11:30 Break
11:30 - 14:00 Repertoire
17:00 - 18:30 Children’s Class

After completing the workshop, all participants will receive a certificate for upgrading their skills in modern dance

Attention!!! Limited number of participants!


The registration forms will be accepted until 10/06/2018. For confirming your participation a deposit of 50€ should be sent until 10/06/2018. In case of cancellation the deposit is not refundable.

Organizational support:
• Municipallity of Nafpaktia
• Russian Honorary Consulate in Peloponnese (Greece)

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel. : +30 6936 652 651, +30 6987 977 396
Skype: milenasot

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