“Lepanto Folk Festival 2017”

30/06/2017 - 02/07/2017
3rd International Lepanto Folk Festival

The LEPANTO FOLK FESTIVAL is a meeting point for cultures from all around the world. For three whole days Nafpaktos welcomed traditional dance groups and danced in musical sounds from every side of the planet. Hundreds of dancers with their traditional costumes, but also with their culture, composed a cultural mosaic and gave a special color to this celebration. The Festival was held in collaboration of “Go Nafpaktia” with the Municipality of Nafpaktia and the Institute of Intercultural Relations. In fact, the Institute has undertaken this year with great success the artistic care and direction of all the events of LEPANTO FOLK FESTIVAL With the beauty of the natural landscape, the friendly attitude of the residents and the excellent organization of the events, all the participants of the Festival left with the best impressions and the most beautiful memories!

Some photos