“Diversity Day - C4i”

A colorful procession in the international carnival of Patra.

Diversity is a certain situation between myth and reality. Respecting and accepting diversity truthfully, results in the creation of a community consisting of ethical ideas and principles, such as equality, mutual respect and fair treatment. Institute of Intercultural Relations gave a cheerful and bright aspect to diversity, organizing a multicolored parade at Patras Carnival, the biggest event of its kind in Greece. Thousands of carnivalists, including permanent residents of Patras and visitors of every age, participated in this great event dressed in yellow costumes, having an endless carnival mood and child-like enthusiasm. Institute of Intercultural Relations, in cooperation with ΚΔΑΠ Arctic Area, the Dancing Class of Russian Speakers Club "Soyuz", and young members of Στέγη Plus(+), gave a personal touch against discrimination. The group was called "Δεν Βρέχομαι από Φήμες" ( = I do not get affected by "a rain" of rumors) and the main feature of the costume was the Umbrella. Charitable Campaign of Municipality of Patras, contributed towards a float, a decorated platform with a parrot on it which symbolized the fact that people shouldn’t just be parroting information without thought or understanding its exact significance.

Some photos